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Chat Room Members Send Another Package to Gran Canaria Spain

Story by Doorsfan

Soni does have quite the story to tell this time too!! The package took 2 weeks to get there, she got a call from Las Palmas customs run by Guardia Civil to come down Monday, June 9, 2008. She was very nervous & spent much time in snowchat for comfort.....& to try to extract hints from each & every one of us!!

Finally the morning came & we family all gathered & waited as she boarded the bus & made her journey.
We were just as excited as her!!!!!

Next thing we know, we saw her name in the shadow box a couple hours after gathering....the officials let her log on at the agency!!
Not being able to speak English nor could they could believe what they were seeing & had never seen anything like it before.

The problem was the jar of BBQ sauce had broken on the plane during transportation.....& some had leaked. Which they didn't mind sampling!!! As well as Soni's oatmeal--2 packets & 6 people all around one bowl with plastic spoons!!! HAHA Then they wanted to try the peanut butter!! Don't think she allowed that!!! LOL

She checked off all the list & everything was there & fine & they brought her home....making her neighbors wonder what she had done!!! She got quite the kick out of that!!!! And the day was spent going thru her things & thanking everybody~

Here is the pictures of Joe's home-made snowcam card!!! Picture of the group of items.....Lutes chef charm, & Snowzy's light-up computer snowman!

Ken~ 2 Snowman T-shirts
Snowzy~ Light up Snowman for computer, Mr.Bean DVD
Ohio Lutes~ Glass Chef Charm, Bath Kit, Over the Hedge DVD
RJG~ Snowmancam Patch, Snowmancam Pin
Peachey~ Koala Bear, Angel Magnet
Chef Joe~ Lotions, Rubber Bath Duck, Dog Biscuits, Pop Tarts, Jello,
Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, My BBQ Sauce, Dulcimer Video
Doorsfan~ 3 Snowman T-shirts, Kitty treats/toy, Bird Treat/Toy

Light up snowman from Snowzy.
Chef charm made by Ohio Lutes.


Sonja Spillner from Gran Canaria

Dear Sheryll and Ken,

I just think you must know what a big job you snowmancam is doing,eaven my english is not so good,so please excuse mistakes.
Joined your chat last year and did meet wonderful people,but what happend today..dont know how to express it....
Look,in the last weeks could not be in the chat to often,becourse I have serios health problems,I am 61 years old and live by myself,the only contact I have outside of my home is snowman chat,allways minutes of happyness,specialy when Chefjoe plays the Dulcimer on yack pack for me,snowzy,doorsfan and ohiolutes sending me Emails and pictures.....and so on....

Well,today came a packeg from USA....with a lot of gifts and get-well-cards,that meens,snowzy,doorsfan and ohiolutes did send this presents to chefjoe,he added fudgh and a cd playing the dulcimer,and all that is now on my table,60 kilometers front of Africa...
Can you imagen what that meens to me in my situation? It is much more than a million of dollars....

Thanks to you and your site I found a family,I never had......

Lot of greetings,thank you and this great persons which join your chat

Sonja from Gran Canaria (Africa)


Ms. Guccini's class receives Snowman Cam T-Shirts.

The following was received from Ms. Guccini's Pine Tree Elementary School second grade class in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Hello Snowpeople!
A few children wanted to send you a message.
Below are their thoughts.

Dear Snowman Man
You have the same name as my Dad.
His name is Ken too!

Reece and Chris like all the pictures you can look at on the computer.

Dear Snowman,
You have a very cool place to look at on the computer.

Dear Snowman,
Hi from Katie.

The snowman looks great says Danielle

Vanessa says it is a very good snowman.

Dear Snowman,
I really like the website and all the animals that visit you.
I like the videos too.

Dear Snowman,
Thank you for having the website with our names.

Check out the Lake Orion Community Schools' website.

(Photos courtesy of Richard Guccini.)

Students visit the Snowman Cam Website. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Ms Guccini with Snowman. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Student working on Snowman book. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Students visit the Snowman Cam web site
Ms. Guccini with Snowman
Student working on Snowman book
Snowman helps to make learning fun. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Ms Guccini's second grade class at Pine Tree Elementary School in Lake Orion, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Students learning about the wildlife seen on the Snowman Cam. Photo courtesy of Richard Guccini.
Snowman helps to make learning fun
Ms. Guccini's second grade class
Students learning about the wildlife

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