Snowman Cam Chatroom Code of Conduct

Chatroom Code of Conduct

By registering and using the chatroom you agree to the following:

*Users must be registered to participate in the SnowmanCam chat and forums.


*Inappropriate user names or avatars
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*Constant complaining
*Not following the moderators' instructions
*Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or exhibiting any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the moderators.

*Flooding or continuously posting the same word, phrase, icon, etc., in rapid succession is not permitted.

*Users are not permitted to post under multiple aliases. Name changes must be approved in advance. Contact site adminstrator to request name change. site admin

*Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Good natured "pokes" from established friends within the community, are acceptable when appropriate. Any attack deemed inappropriate as described will be deleted, with a user warning, and potential banishment.

*Material deemed offensive or suggestive by nature is not permitted. Any links, or images deemed by the SnowmanCam staff to be offensive by nature, will be promptly removed. Repeat occurrences will warrant further action.

*Vulgarity is STRICTLY prohibited. This is a family friendly environment meant for usage by persons of all ages. Any use of vulgar language that is deemed inappropriate, including inappropriate words with characters replacing letters will be removed. Repeat occurrences will warrant further action.

*Discrimination of any kind, be it ethnic, religious, or sexual WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and could warrant banishment.

*These rules also apply to the use of voice/sound options.

*The opinions expressed by the members of this forum are in no way the opinion of the SnowmanCam, and should not be deemed as such.

Please don't type all in CAPS. It's considered yelling and or rude.

*Have fun! This community has been established by nature lovers, for nature lovers.

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