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Richard's Pond

This page is dedicated to Richard Guccini. The Snowman Cam would not have been possible without his love, dedication and support for many years.

Check this page often for updates on the planning and construction of Richard's Pond. We will post pictures as well as recognize everyone that contributes to make Richard's Pond possible.

Thank you for your help and support.

Prefer to pay by check? Please send payment to:

Ken Borton - P.O. Box 888 Gaylord, Michigan 49734

Please note on your check or envelope that it is for Richard's Pond

On behalf of the wildlife...Thank You!

Richard Guccini

5-26-18 Update: WaterPaw is coming out next Thursday to do a site survey and give us options and pricing.

5-31-18 WaterPaw had to reschedule to Saturday, June 2nd at 4:30.

5-31-18 Almost $5000 has been raised so far. Thank you!

6-1-18 Over $5000 has been raised for Richard's Pond!

6-2-18 Received an estimate of $15-18,000 from to build a bear resistant wildlife pond.

6-4-18 Total raised to date is $5710.

6-5-18 Total raised to date is $6110.

6-6-18 Total raised to date $6245.

6-7-18 Total raised to date $6835.

6-8-18 is the company where we are getting the granite boulders. They just offered to deliver the boulders for free. Can you help up fill the truck? They can haul 13 tons at a time. We have 6 tons ordered so far.

6-8-18 Total raised to date $7110.

6-11-18 Total raised to date $7635. We are getting close to the halfway mark!

6-11-18 We are now at 10 tons of granite. We only need three more tons to fill this truck. Can you help fill this truck? It will be delivered this Friday June 15th. After that we will need about 8 more tons to complete the pond.

6-12-18 Total raised to date $8820. We are just over half way there! The truck is full for this Friday. We will need about another half a truckload to complete the pond. Thank you for all of your generous donations.

6-15-18 Total raised to date $10,680. The truck with 13 tons of boulders will be delivered today.

Thank you to the following people for your financial help to build Richard's Pond

Patty Mazoub - Joplin MO.
Claudia Obermueller Manheim, Germany
Jacques Pilon - Elliot Lake Canada
Rob & Cindy Downs - Toledo, OH
Tansy Phillips -West Sussex, England
Audrey Tichen - Liverpool, England
Sam & Judy Brankel - Clare, MI
Charlene Shipman - Southgate, MI
Richard Swaney - Vienna, IL
Debbie Parrish
JoAnn Suggs - Lamont, FL
Susan McKay - Oatlands, AU
Susan Stepputtis - St. Clairsville, OH
Faye Raines - Myrtle Beach, SC
Sherry Sanderson - Stuart, FL
Werner & Anne Riesenmey Larvik, Norway
Gina Randall - Rochester Hills, MI
Jagnow Juergen - Germany
George Collins - Troy, MI
Chiristine Jowdy - Tampa, FL
Connie McGinley - Viera, FL
Lynn Suits - Ann Arbor, MI
Norm Fisher - Temperance, MI
Damien and Julie Crane - Alton, U.K.
Carol - Alabama
Bryan Sprin - N. Texas
Carole Pickering
Carol Laughbaum - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Eddie Kurose - Los Angeles, CA
Anonymous - Manning, SC
Denise Kubitski - Elmira, MI
Autdry Golden - Apex, NC
Deena Duke - Archdale, NC
Bill Coffman - Sierra Vista, AZ
Dean & Linda Kerste - Monroe, MI
Kathy Espinoza - Grand Rapids, MI
Ann Williams - Orlando, FL
Jean Aiken - Arden, NC
Claudia Richards - Lake Orion, MI
Joyce Horrar - Louisville, KY
Marry Ann Moody - Harrison Twp, MI
Jim & Terry Porter - Hobe Sound, FL
Laura Boykin -
Michael Miroux - Moline, IL
Pat Guccini - Troy, MI
Bobby Graff - Troy, MI
Dimitri Papanichola - Royal Oak, MI
Dennis & Linda Jaskot - Maybee, MI
Jack & Pat Taylor - Washington, MI
Robert Daub - Mays Landing, NJ
Tom & Betty Mueller - Lakeland, FL
Tom & Barbara W. Clarksville, IN
Jack and Bonnie Marsh - Jonesville, MI
Gail Schultz - Catawissa, PA
Patricia Sype - Port Huron, MI
Mark Artinian & Gina Willson - Beverly Hills, MI
Jackie Bluemlein - Lakeside Park, KY
The Rauckis Family - Birmingham, MI
The Banish Family - Royal Oak, MI
Patricia Wooldridge - Lynchburg, VA
Robert and Catherine Waple North Lanarkshire, U.K.
Herbert & Joan Cheshire - North Olmsted, OH
Ann Williams - Orlando, FL
Gerald & Rita Studzinski - Peru, IL
Dave & Judy Milligan - Coshockton, OH
Jackie- NW, OH
Anonymous - PA
Tom and Dee Cramer - Lakeview, MI
Leon and Amy Rossow
Aimee Adamski - Macomb, MI
Russell Odette - Elk Rapids, MI
Older Gent - Michigan
Sharon Butler - Sherwood, AR
Kristine Grabowski - Grosse Pointe, MI
Larry & Jean Dick - Cypress, TX
Ellen Jones - Tuscaloosa, AL
Mike & Laura Lowe - West Lafayette, OH
Mike & Teresa Merwin - Taylors, SC
David & Judy McCann - Springfield, MO
Federick & Barbara Driver - Southfield, MI
Mike & Deb Thomas - Hanover, PA
Steve & Wendy Shelley -
Carol & Jerry Jones -
Norm, Anne & Danielle Allen - Jacksonville, Fl
Fred, Tammy & Erin Letourneau - Allen Park, MI
Roy and Carol Dinino - Chesterfield Twp, MI
Allen Barlow - Midland, MI
Brittny Rubin -
David Fullerton - Herriman, UT
Judith Heinss - Mesick, MI
Grit Sadewasser - Ahrenburg, Germany
Lisa Amundrud -
Don & Joyce Barber - Allegan, MI
James and Denise Skiiba - Lake Orion, MI
Mary Jane Schaaf - Wheaton, IL
Anonymous - Hickory, NC
Stephanie Vittoria - Washington, D.C.
Deonna Woolard - Lanexa, VA
Doris Lowe - West Lafayette, OH
Nancy Mastoras - Dublin, CA
Thomas Seward - Coshocton, OH
Christine - LaGrande, OR
Stephen Bera - Troy, MI
Pat Fairhurst - Merseyside, England
Dennis & Debbie Walsh - Wentzville, MO
Jackie Bluemlein - Lakeside Park, KY
Susan Domeika - Riley IN
Eve Butler - Miami, FL
Luba Trachur -
Mariya Cherewick -
Nancy Dahl -
Karen Sleno -
Tony Gandolfi -
Neil & Chris Williams -
Lori & Tom Wojciechowski -
Faye & Moe Holden -
Linda & Don Leonard Sr. -
The Jasmin Family -
Ryan -
Barb & Dennis Johnson -
Jim & Pat Troglio -
Antoinette, Tony & Maria Lombardo -
Dionne Smith -
Angeline - Troglio -
Joyce Horrar - Louisville, KY
William & Diana Keefe - Berkley, MI
Chris - LaGrande, OR
Alice Olczak-Wilson - Lockport, NY
Amanda Cadwell - South Haven, MI
Darlene Gadzala - JoBurg, MI
Rich & Louise Rosin - Manchester, NJ
Ona Mournighan - Kansas City, MO


Round Decal for mounting to an outside surface.

Richard designed the logo

Official Snowman Cam Ornaments are 2 1/2 inches tall. They are part of the Snowman Cam Collection designed and handcrafted by Richard Guccini. Made in USA.

Richard's Snowman Ornaments. (sold out)

One of Richard's models of Woody

One of Richard's models of Woody

Richard modeling one of his t-shirts

Richard modeling one of his t-shirts

Boulders for Richard's Pond came from Blue Star

Boulders for Richard's Pond came from Blue Star

1st load of boulders delivered today. 6-15-18

1st load of boulders delivered today. 6-15-18

Some of Richard's contributions to the Snowman Cam

Operated the store. Handled everything. Designing, ordering, building, storing, shipping, customer service...everything.

Built the Snowman that you see on the cam today. Also built two additional snowmen as spares.

Richard was Santa Claus at Christmas time and talked with the children in the Snowman Cam voice chat.

Moterated the chatroom. Made sure the chat was alway family friendly. Dealt firmly and fairly with people when needed.

Started triva on Friday nights, then added Sunday afternoons so our friends across the pond and in different time zones could play.

Helped build the pond on the other side of the house. Came every year to help clean it. Always wanted to move it to in front of the cam.

Created the bear contest so people could guess when the first bear of the season would arrive every year. Awarded prizes.

Put together a calendar every year as a fundraiser for wildlife food to help get them through the winter.

Was always coming up with ideas to help raise money to purchase food for the wildlife and help with the expenses of the site and cam.

Called Ken almost everyday and sometimes many times per day to discuss ideas to make the site more enjoyable for people.

Built and shipped the little model Woodys and bears to help fund the site.

Created and shipped the Christmas cards showing the four seasons of the cam.

Was a constant cheerleader and promoter of the Snowman Cam wherever he traveled.

These are only some of the things Richard did to make the Snowman Cam such an enjoyable and family friendly community.

Richard is dearly missed by those who knew him or were touched by him. Rest in peace our dear friend. We will build your pond.



















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