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How to use the Snowman Cam Yack Pack Walkie Talkie

You will need a microphone to talk and speakers to listen. The microphone and speakers that are built in to your computer and or monitor should work just fine. An inexpensive headset from an office supply store will work better. Headsets work the best and help to elimanate the echo.

Click the talk button above. Allow yack pack to use your webcam and microphone.

Simply push and hold down the talk button -- like using a walkie-talkie. Then start talking!

When you're done talking, release the talk button. Occasionally the talk server will be full. Watch the countdown. When it reaches zero you will be able to talk again.

This is a G rated chatroom and is family friendly. Any profanity or inappropriate talk is prohibited.

Get yourself a microphone or headset and join in on the fun!

Chatroom Code of Conduct

Chat room too busy? Try another chat room, also with voice chat: Snow Chat 1 or Snow Chat 2

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